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At Federation Lacrosse we are constantly trying to improve on the experience that players have at our camps, clinics, and tournaments.  Direct feedback from participants is irreplaceable in this effort.

Feedback from the 2009 Summer Season:

Dear Tim, Steve and Stephen - "I'd like to commend the three of you for continuing to offer such a high quality product. The Fed Lax Camp is organized from beginning to end. The camp philosophy focuses on your staff and campers.  You provide your staff with every resource possible to help them do the best job they can do. Your grouping of campers and schedule planning allows for differentiation in instruction between campers. This in turn allows your coaches to teach and challenge each individual camper based on their individual learning style and ability.  In the beginning, my son Derek was not very interested in attending camp but agreed to give it a try. Because of the interest, enthusiasm, patience and instruction of your coaches, Fed Lax Camp changed his attitude towards the sport.  During the week he made friends, his confidence grew in lacrosse and he now has a new outlook on the sport.  My son Kevin who loves to play the game also had an amazing experience and he too was challenged and grew in many ways. They both were anxious to get to camp and participate each day despite the early start and hot weather.  As a Dad, it is amazing to see your children be challenged and learn in such a supportive environment. Please extend my gratitude and commendations to your coaches and staff."


Ron Sansone
Director of Athletics
Far Hills Country Day School

Steve-- "What a great camp!  My son loved it and has already asked if he can do it again next summer.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Please keep me on your mailing list so we can plan for next year."

Steve - " Our son had an incredible time last week.  He loved everything about the camp - including all the hard work.  The coaches and players were amazing and he is already talking about which college he wants to attend in order to play Lacrosse."

Hi to all  FedLax Coaches -
"Just a quick note to let you know our son really enjoyed his camp experience. Typically, he does not enjoy such camps. He plays several sports and likes his free time over the summer. Being new to the sport, we felt he needed to attend at least two weeks of lax camps to get some basics skills down now. He also attended the Cannons camp in Marlboro. Throughout this past week, he spoke often of different things he learned that day. He really enjoyed having Coach Lopez. He wasn't home five minutes and he was out there daily working on his stick skills with the equipment we have out on the front lawn. That tells you something. With the heat, I would have guessed he would have first jumped in our pool. I know he was reluctant at first to go knowing he was going to be one of the oldest but understood he needed this camp based on his inexperience."

"My son, who will be a sophomore this September, really got a lot out of your Varsity Prep camp. I could see that the camp was well organized and the coaches were very upbeat.  My son is a "man of few words", as most teenagers are, but I could tell he was being challenged each day and that he felt the coaches were helpful. Thank you to you and your staff!"

“My son had a great time.  It was easily his favorite LAX camp of the last couple of years.  He particularly liked the fact that all of the coaches were adults who knew how to teach.”

“Dear Steve and Tim,

I am not sure I can offer any ways to improve your camp.  My son has been to others, but he always loves going to the ELITE camp.  The coaches are friendly, fun and knowledgeable.  He won’t even drink the Gatorade he won for being “Camper of the Week!”